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Episode 164 - Scratch Like a Cat

This week Tony and Maris discuss WWE Summer Slam and Strikeforce Rousey vs. Kaufman. Plus the Russian Punk band being jailed for their anti-Putin song.

Posted 08/19/2012 09:00 PM

Episode 159 - This and That

This week Tony, Maris, and Cesar discuss UFC 148, Destination X, and a new trend in the music business. Listen Live Late Night Sundays!

Posted 07/09/2012 06:00 AM

Episode 150 - Attack of the Kates

This week Tony, Dan, and Maris celebrate 150 episodes with the annual Hottest Women in Entertainment List. Plus the Philadelphia Flyers playoff run, and UFC 145 results. Listen Live Late Night Sundays!

Posted 04/22/2012 09:00 PM

Episode 031 - One Minute Sound Bites

This week Tony, Dan, and Kara discuss UFC 100, the MLB All-Star Game and the new Harry Potter movie, plus Double D joins us with his famous one minute sound bites. Listen Live Latenight Thursday!

Posted 07/17/2009 02:00 PM

Episode 024 - The Comeback

This week Tony, Dan, Kara, and Double D discuss video games, boxing, MMA, and prop 8. Listen Live Late Night Tuesdays

Posted 05/29/2009 04:00 PM