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Episode 023 - Two Steps Back

This week Tony, Dan, Kara, and Double D discuss what television shows were renewed and which were canceled for the upcoming fall season, plus the new Terminator movie.

Posted 05/22/2009 08:00 PM

Episode 020 - Version 2.0

This week Tony, Dan, Kara, and Double D discuss the summer movie season, Phillies baseball, and the passing of Playboy Buddy Rose. Listen Live Tuesday Nights.

Posted 05/01/2009 08:00 PM

Episode 017 - The Man In The Bubble

This week Tony, Dan, Kara, and Double D discuss Metallica’s induction into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, some idiot getting fired for reviewing his pirated copy of the new Wolverine movie and a wrap up of Wrestlemania 25.

Posted 04/10/2009 08:00 PM

Episode 012 - Dial V for Verne

This week the gang looks Verne Gagne’s possible involvement in an elderly man’s homicide. Plus a look at the Watchmen release and more.

Posted 03/06/2009 09:00 PM

Episode 010 - This Snake Is The Pits

This week Dan Law reviews the new Friday the 13th movie. The gang also touches on the A-Rod controversy and more on the Rihanna and Chris Brown issue. Plus Double D checks in for some wrestling talk.

Posted 02/20/2009 08:00 PM

Episode 007 - Be Aggressive

Tony, Dan, and Kara touch on the upcoming Street Fighter game and movie. Plus a girl who found out that cheerleading is a contact sport the hard way. All this and more, this week on the Tony Layne Show.

Posted 01/30/2009 08:00 PM