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Who is Tony Layne Video

This a video made by our good friend Dean.

Posted 01/31/2011 07:00 AM

Episode 010 - This Snake Is The Pits

This week Dan Law reviews the new Friday the 13th movie. The gang also touches on the A-Rod controversy and more on the Rihanna and Chris Brown issue. Plus Double D checks in for some wrestling talk.

Posted 02/20/2009 03:00 PM

Episode 006 - The Big Lame

This week Tony, Dan, and Kara reflect on another disappointing season for the Philadelphia Eagles. The gang also previews the upcoming lame game between the Cardinals and the Steelers.

Posted 01/23/2009 04:30 PM

Episode 005 - Love For Sale

This week Kara makes her show debut joining Tony and Dan to discuss Obama’s upcoming inauguration, the NFL playoffs, and some dude who sold his daughter for beer and meat.

Posted 01/16/2009 05:00 PM

Episode 004 - Dude,Where's My Camera?

This week Tony and Daniel talk about the NFL playoffs, the People’s Choice Awards, and the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Plus Dan loses his camera and his mind in Atlantic City.

Posted 01/09/2009 05:30 PM

Episode 003 -The Rearview

This week Tony and Daniel take a look back at their favorite things of 2008. As well as looking ahead to cool things coming up in the new year.

Posted 01/02/2009 05:30 PM

Episode 002 -She Loves Me Snot

This week Tony and Dan talk about Scarlett Johansson’s snotty tissue that went for $5300 on ebay. Plus early reviews of “The Spirit” and more.

Posted 12/26/2008 03:00 PM

Episode 001

The Truly Fabulous Tony Layne returns with a new partner, Daniel Lawrence. Hear the boys talk about The Dark Knight dvd and blu-ray, plus Jeff Hardy’s championship victory.

Posted 12/19/2008 06:30 PM